WELCOME TO Multimodal International

Eshtablished in 2017, Multimodal International (Pvt) Ltd is a diversified shipping company into Air freight, Sea freight, Customs brokerage & compliance, Warehousing, Exhibition & Event management, Freighter-Cargo charter and Cross Trading.

Today, Multimodal International enjoys a sterling trust and confidence from both our customers and principals. Equipped with a strong customer base and a firm footing in the local market Multimodal International provides excellent services to both small and large corporate clients. Our comprehensive database and information systems provide us, our customers and our principals with timely information to give that extra edge always to be ahead of the competition.

Multimodal International is partnering with global network to provide excellent customer requirement to enahance quality customer service to improve their strategic oporchunities to increase shareholders wealth.


MMI – Air Freight

To meet every shipment requirement on demand. Consolidated programs based on deferred or prime services with competitive pricing. Freighter solutions with multiple route options with faster transit times....


MMI – Sea Freight

MMI offers a wide range of global ocean freight and transportation options for all commodities. We could handle freight of any size and/or weight and also oversized cargo....


MMI – Customs Brokerage & Compliance

Our team consists of experts that are in hand to help you manage those complicated trade and regulatory compliance requirements. Be in Imports/Exports we are there to assist you to have your consignments cleared through Customs – seaport/airports at the earliest possible time by avoiding demurrage And other charges that may be applicable in the event of delays....


MMI – Warehousing

Comprehensive and reliable warehousing solutions that provide safety and security needs. Inbound and outbound order processing...


MMI - Exhibition & Events Management

Providing logistic support for event organizers and exhibitors to ensure that the exhibits are delivered to the booth on time and in perfect condition as received....


MMI - Freighter – Cargo Charter

We offer a range of aircrafts charters depending on the size of the cargo to any destination.....


MMI - Cross Trading

Handling of your consignments from other origins to destinations cost effectively and efficiently.....