2022 Health Policies

2022 Health Policy Regarding Covid-19

Health Policies (to be updated as recommendations change)


MMISL is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of every community member through implementation of best practices based on the advice of health professionals and CDC recommendations. 

We will continue to update our guidelines to accommodate current health recommendations for Missouri.


The following policies will be in effect for 2022.


Vaccine Policy


We are a vaccine-only event.  Entry into the event will require evidence of full vaccination by presentation of vaccination card OR vaccination passport. Full vaccination is the first two shots in the series.  The J&J complete single shot is also acceptable.  We will not be checking for boosters.

At registration, every attendee will  receive a card that must be signed attesting that the evidence you provided 1) belongs to you and that 2) this information is truthful.  Attendees who provide falsified records or otherwise intentionally mislead the event about their vaccination status shall receive a lifetime ban from MMISL.

When do I need to get vaccinated by?

To be considered fully vaccinated in time for the event, you must receive your second vaccine 14 days before your arrival at the event.

What if I have natural immunity? (immunity from a previous infection)

While we may, in the future, be able to give consideration for people who have developed natural immunity, we are not in a position to create a policy that presently has no precedent. After conferring with our Health Policy Advisor, we have determined that, at this point in time, natural immunity is insufficient to meet our immunity requirement. 


What if I cannot get vaccinated?

We appreciate that some community members may have medical conditions that will not allow vaccinations and that others may not be comfortable with vaccinations.  For this year, we will not be able to accommodate those community members for the in-person event.


What if I lost my vaccination card? 

Your vaccination provider or your doctor’s office can obtain a replacement card and/or your vaccination record from their records or the Missouri Immunization Registry.  

Medical and Religious Health Policy Accommodations

We will consider accommodation proposals that are consistent with current CDC large-gathering and Missouri HHS guidelines for unvaccinated individuals (e.g. social distanced 6ft apart from individuals outside your household and required to wear a mask  at all times). Please email triplestepproductions@gmail.com with your proposed accommodations. 


Other Health Policies

Temperature checks could be taken at registration.  If you have symptoms associated with Covid-19, please contact us and stay home.


What if I don’t feel well right before the event?

Please contact us at triplestepproductions@gmail.com and we will find a reasonable solution regarding your pass.


What if I don’t feel well at the event?

  1. Inform a MMISL Staff member and have your temperature checked. 

  2. Self-isolate in your hotel room- please avoid communal spaces!

  3. Event will transfer your pass to next year.

  4. See you next year!