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2022 Health Policies

2022 Health Policy Regarding Covid-19

Health Policies (to be updated as recommendations change)


MMISL is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of every community member through implementation of best practices based on the advice of health professionals and CDC recommendations. 

We will continue to update our guidelines to accommodate current health recommendations for Missouri.

In accordance to the CDC recommendation on August 11, 2022, we are lifting all vaccine requirements. We are accepting all registrations, regardless of vaccination status.


What if I don’t feel well right before the event?

Please contact us at With a doctor's note showing a positive test result, you'll get a full event pass refund. 


What if I don’t feel well at the event?

  1. Inform a MMISL Staff member and have your temperature checked. 

  2. Self-isolate in your hotel room- please avoid communal spaces!

  3. Event will transfer your pass to next year.

  4. See you next year!

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