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Event History

The Story of MMISL

The St. Louis Rebels has its humble beginnings in the spring of 2004 where yearly Jack and Jill competitions were offered, in order to bring the flavor of West Coast Swing competition to St. Louis. In the Spring of 2006, and after much success of the weekly dances, the Rebels laid the foundation and began the MMISL event.  

Over the years, MMISL had the privilege of having amazing event directors to run the event for the Rebels in Cory Johnson, Katie (Slater) Hicks & Crystal Auclair andJason Miklic & Sophy Kdep.

In 2019 the Rebels made a move to focus on their weekly dance scene while still supporting the event that has been theirs for so long.   The event was sold to Crystal Auclair and Katie Hicks at that time, and they are thrilled to host the event for years to come.

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